How Much Does Chiropractic Cost?


$75.00 1st Visits or “Reactivations”

$40.00 Follow-up Visits

A “Reactivation” is a visit when you haven’t been in for a while and a full re-evaluation is necessary.

When it comes to choosing a physician, one of the most common questions we get is “how much does it cost?”. Although price is rarely the sole determining factor when choosing a physician, we do want to make our services affordable and at the same time provide the qualities that should be measured when choosing a doctor.


Agape Chiropractic used to be contracted with most major insurance companies. But insurance work brought negative energy into our healing environment… so we cancelled all contracts. If you have insurance, and really want to use it, we will happily give you our best recommendations in the area.


The majority of insurance companies, for the most part, do not interfere with the doctor patient relationship and support our medical decision and treatment choices.

Yet often times, people only choose to carry “catastrophe” policies. That is, they have insurance, but their deductibles are extremely high to keep their premiums lower. When you purchase this type of insurance, it is with the plan of never needing it, but having it just in case something major comes up.

One of the benefits of using an “In Network Physician” is that you get “In Network Prices”. Sometimes these are referred to “Usual And Customary” The “UAC” pricing often varies signicicantly depending on which insurance carrier you are with. Some insuracne companies have a minimal fee schedule which makes your care quite affordable regardless of how much your deductible is.

For Those With Minimal Chiropractic Benefits
Some have insurance, however, don’t have the luxury of choosing which doctor they go to. The insurance company might assign a primary care physician as a first point of entry. The primary care physicians may choose to treat you with medications prior to giving in to your insistance for a referral to a chiropractor.

Other times the “MCO” (managed care organization) or “HMO” (health maintenance organiztion) has a limited number of chiropractors to choose from.