Skin Care

At Agape Chiropractic, we offer services that you might not necessarily expect at a chiropractor's office. Although our focus is a healthy spine and properly functioning nervous system, we feel that optimal health and wellness is achieved from a whole body approach.

One of those ancillary services is skin care. Our skin care services include manual facials, hydrafacials, microderm abrasion, facial waxing, and more.


The hydrafacial is our most popular skin care service at Agape Chiropractic. The hydrafacial machine is manually guided for a deep pore cleansing and mild skin resurfacing experience. Results are noticed immediately. It is mildly aggressive skin care without the agression.

Microderm Abrasion

Although the hydrafacial system gets amazing results, there are still those that aren't ready to try it and are convinced the more aggressive microderm abrasion is the way to go. This service is also offered at Agape Chiropractic. But for those requesting microderm abrasion that have never tried the Hydrafacial, we recommend you first give the hydrafacial a try. We are confident you will be glad you did.

Please call for current prices and to schedule your appointment.

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