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At Agape Chiropractic in Pompano Beach, we take our nutrition seriously. But our nutrition recommendations don't come with expensive vitamin supplements and herbs that you will have to buy. Instead, we focus our attention on nutrient dense foods.

In America today, most of our "food" is damaged and is really no longer food, but instead, caloric "stuff" that people should not eat. Store shelves are packed with calories that are genetically modified (GMO), artificially flavored, artificially preserved, homogenized and pasteurized, filled with hormones, pesticides, trans fats, and sweetened with refined sugars. Most calories are made for profits but not healthy nutrition. They are made to last on a store shelf and not spoil. They are made to tickle the taste buds but not to maximize health.

Our forefathers were raised on real organic foods that existed naturally. Organic fruits and vegetables are proven to have about 40% more nutrients than inorganic fruits and vegetables. Only natural techniques were used to create different varieties. Intentional specific gene modification was not only impossible, but the concept didn't even exist. But today, food engineers genetically modify foods to the point of creating roundup resistant vegetation. This is done so the farmers can dowse the vegetation with chemicals to kill all the weeds, yet let the vegetation to grow. As you might imagine, some of the chemicals used become part of the vegetation. Worse yet, people ingest these harmful chemicals when they consume the vegetation that was grown with them.

At Agape Chiropractic, we teach our patients how to go back to the original satisfying nutrient dense diets that our ancestors ate and suggest where they might get their food from. Many of our foods are grown right here in Pompano Beach. When people eat right, they find it much easier to attain more ideal weight and maximize their health performance and energy levels.

In our small store, we choose to carry those nutrient dense food items that are superior to anything we can find at the best stores, yet that we find essential for our own consumption in our homes. We don't carry products that we ourselves don't regularly use. You can rest assured the things we carry and recommend are well thought through and researched.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and your are ready to revolutionize your diet by going back to the original human diet, call us to schedule a nutrition consultation today.

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