Buying Local Organic Food

As a chiropractor, I enjoy maintaining a healthy spine and properly functioning nervous system. However, if you have followed me for any time, you know that healthy food is also very important to me.

Finding local quality foods at reasonable prices has always been a challenge. Currnetly, we buy many of our foods from a few locations including:

  • B.M. Organics - grass fed meats, cheese, pastured eggs, cultured dairy, etc.
  • Beyond Organic - more beaf, cheese, raw food snackes, cultured dairy, chocolate, etc.
  • Whole Foods - most vegetables

Whole Foods' Produce Wax Explannation It is that organic healthy vegetable source that has been the most difficult to find. Whole Foods, while better than most grocery stores, still has it's deficiencies... look at the photo I took of a sign hanging in the produce area. It reads:

"You've probably noticed that some fruits and vegetables are coated with wax. Waxes are used to reduce shrinkage from moisture loss, to inhibit the growth of mold and fungi and to enhance the appearace of the product.

Waxes can be removed to some extent by washing with water and to a greater degree by use of soap and water or a non-toxic biodegradable fruit and vegetable wash. Nothing except peeling removes 100% of all waxes. However, the nutrients within the peel will be lost as well."

For that reason, I am happy to have found another local source, "The Joy of Organics" Produce Buying Club. In fact, let me have Joy tell you all about it:


The Joy of Organics Produce Buying Club offers true farm fresh organic fruits and veggies at far below retail. Other products are more boutique in nature such as pasture raised eggs, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, raw goat milk and yogurt. We focus on clean eating...fresh, unprocessed, no GMO food.

CAFO vs. Pastured Egg See, taste, and feel the difference in a REAL egg VS a supermarket egg.

Let's face it we are what we eat and the grocery stores are filled with isle after isle of processed foods that make us sick. And then we walk out of the grocery store and into the fast (if you can honestly call it food at all) chemically laden, factory food, designed and processed to make us addicted and to keep coming back. Heart disease and diabetes is running rampant causing a medical dilemma in our country. Sick people and how to pay for their care... thus the rising costs of health care. You can take control of your health simply by controlling what you put in your body. Meats, dairy, seafood, fruits, veggies and whole grains are all good for you. But know your source.

Pastured Chickens For instance "the happy chicken is focused on the ground, pecking for insects and grubs instead of the pathetic, sad, vacant stare that signifies the horrifying animal abuse endured by chickens whose meat and eggs are labeled "free range" at the store. In order not to be fooled into thinking your chicken and eggs come from happy birds, when they actually come from beakless, anemic, mite ridden animals that have been so abused they can’t even peck in the dirt or crack corn."1

Resolve to buy local!

See the difference in a real egg vs one at the store!!

When you buy from a neighbor or small scale local farmer who raises chickens, you can see them for yourself and note their health by the living conditions.

Abdicating responsibility for knowing exactly where your food comes from by trusting meaningless food labels in a store that proclaim eggs or meat as “free range” or “cage free” is not helping to secure quality food for your family nor is it helping to promote the cause of humane conditions for farm animals. " Adapted from the Healthy Home Economist

Once you eat clean - you will never go back. Cravings stop and health and energy rises. Health returns...



Farm fresh, bountiful variety of certified organic fruits and veggies at far below retail (and much more) 20 to 30LBS

Pre-Paid $49.00 (half shares available $30.00) Locations near you...East Lauderdale, Tamarac, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Davoe, Cooper City, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miramar and hollywood.

Please support your local community and get a great value for you and your family!

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