The Chiropractic vs. Medicine Debate

Reggie Gold, DC articulates chiropractic in a recorded debate with Medical doctors.

When it comes to chiropractic, it really is that simple. The only difference I have with Reggie Gold is regarding his statements that chiropractors don't treat anything. I think they do... but they only treat one thing, and that is the "Vertebral Subluxation Complex" (aka "VSC"). But I would love to know how he feels about my statement. I think he might agree... but I wonder if he has a reason for not saying that.

He talks about the "misalignment" and how that affects the space around the nerve root (in the Intervertebral Foramen [IF]). I think Reggie is keeping it a little simple here and probably means "functional alignment" which has a lot more to do with function. Alignment is not always out except with respect to the position it should be in a given range of motion. There are also more things that take up space in the IVF; some which are hard to measure such as inflammation.

Chiropractors gently restore the functional alignment of the spine for the correction of the VSC. When we do that, we know the body has a greater chance of performing better, including healing from any illness, disease or condition. But chiropractors do not cure anything. But the body, as long as it has life in it, is trying to repair and cure itself of everything that is not up to par.

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